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Spring Pictures Information

Information about spring pictures: 

1. Each student will receive a envelope and inside the envelope will be a order form, proof sheet and a return envelope.

2. If you would like to order spring pictures please fill out the order form and place the order form and payment inside the return envelope to their teacher. The envelope will say on the front to please show the students info in the envelope window. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THAT, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO SHOW THROUGH THE WINDOW.

3. Please keep the proof sheet. If they are returned to school it will just get trashed,

4. You may also order online at

5. If ordering online you do not have to return anything back to school

6. If you will not be purchasing any pictures please do not return anything to school as they are for you to keep.

7. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Angie Beto (picture day coordinator) at