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Quaker Chemical Career Day for 8th Graders Begins at ESTLA

Quaker Chemical began its 8th grade school career awareness program today in Eisenhower Science and Technology Leadership Academy and will continue throughout the fall. The program will move to Stewart Middle School on October 30 and East Norriton Middle School on November 10. The career program involves bringing in volunteers from different careers/educational backgrounds, such as attorneys, scientists, engineers, human resources, IT, marketing, and financial professionals.


Today at ESTLA, corporate attorney, Ms. Katherine Tweel, shared her career track, saying it began in middle and high school by getting really good grades, joining activities and clubs, and placing an importance on reading, writing, and research – which she said is 90% of what an attorney does.
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Out of college, Ms. Tweel's first job was with the Commonwealth of Virginia where she worked in the criminal division alongside police to identify gangs dealing drugs. “I put the bad guys in jail,” she said. From there, she worked in the technology sector, software division. Finally, she moved to the Philadelphia area, specializing in “chemical” law with Quaker Chemical.


 “Lawyers are constantly learning new material, whether it’s environmental law, criminal, corporate, financial industry, technology. You are always learning new things and it keeps your mind fresh.”


She also stressed the importance of reputation, compromise, and respectful and honest behavior in her field of corporate law.


The Quaker Chemical partnership began last year at the Norristown Area High School where scientists work alongside our science teachers in the classrooms to conduct interactive chemistry demos with students in the school’s science labs. They also provided a science expo at Whitehall Elementary School and ultimately, will share this experience with all our elementary schools. Musselman Learning Center was the proud recipient of a grant to help fund technology in the classrooms.


Thank you, Quaker Chemical!