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NAEF Grant - Roosevelt Campus

 NAEF - Roosevelt Campus of the NAHS    
 At the Roosevelt Campus of NAHS, Ms. Jackie Harris was awarded the sixth Teacher Mini Grant for her innovative project, "Ingenuity, Creativity and Survival in the Quest for Freedom." Roosevelt Campus students have been studying various topics during and after Black History Month as well as Women's History Month. Students focused on the Underground Railroad, the role of quilt-making by African American women during the corresponding time-frame, the role of "codes" not found in dominant culture(s) and the risks involved to the African Americans seeking freedom. Students are creating a quilt that represents the Roosevelt Campus and showcases the various advocacies, student groups and activities. This project has equipped students with a knowledge of some events that took place in American History in preparation for their trip to the African American History Museum in Philadelphia.                                                                                                                                                  Roosevelt Quilt in the making...
Roosevelt Mini-Grant Quilt in the Making
In this picture: Dr. Samuels, Roosevelt Campus Principal Dr. Carla Queenan,
students from the Roosevelt Campus, teacher Jackie Harris, Mr. Grasso and
Ms. Hickman Schneider.