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School Wide Positive Behavior Incentive Kicks Off at Marshall Street

On Monday, October 31st, Marshall Street School celebrated the kick-off of our newly implemented school-wide positive behavior support program (SWPBIS for short). SWPBIS is a system designed to take a proactive approach to discipline in schools to teach appropriate student behavior, and thus improve student learning. While most discipline in schools is reactive (misbehavior leads to punitive consequences), the SWPBIS approach provides a direction for schools to develop a comprehensive system of behavior support tailored for their individual needs. 

Key components of an SWPBIS program include planned positive interventions rather than reactive and punitive interventions, multiple opportunities for students to receive positive, corrective feedback, teaching appropriate behaviors and allowing students several opportunities to practice those behaviors, and the eliminating antecedents that contribute to inappropriate behaviors.

At Marshall Street, students will be learning about our 3 B’s (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe) in their classrooms and other settings throughout the school building. Teachers have taught lessons  in their classrooms for all the areas of the school including the playground, cafeteria, bathroom, classroom, hallway, walking to and from school, and on the bus and allowing students the opportunity to practice the appropriate behavior in all of these areas so students will learn what it looks like to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe in all of these settings. During the week of October 24th, Students also had the opportunity to get on a school bus with their class to learn about being respectful, responsible, and safe on the school bus.

In addition to learning about the 3 B’s, students will also have an opportunity to earn their way into the Jaguar 200 club. Students can earn their way into the Jaguar 200 club when a teacher, classroom assistant, cafeteria worker, bus driver, or other school staff with a golden ticket “catches” a student who is following the 3 B’s! Any student caught being respectful, responsible, or safe by the teacher with the ticket will also get a phone call home letting you know they were the student who earned the ticket and have a chance to be a part of the Mystery Motivator. Earning a golden ticket will allow the student to put their name on our 200 club board and have an opportunity to take part in the Mystery Motivator prize!
Kevin Montes-Torres addresses the school about what it means to him to be respectful, responsible, and safe in school    Luke Jones and Ms. Monteiro discuss being respectful, responsible, and safe    Mrs. White and the Marshall Street Jaguar lead the Marshall Street chant    First grade shows off their Jaguar masks at the assembly