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Dinner with a Slice of PSSA

On Thursday, October 16th, and Monday, October 20th, families with children in grades 3 and 4, the PSSA testing grades,  met with teachers to discuss this year’s test.  Parents of 4th graders received information on how to interpret last year’s test results and on ways to help prepare their child for this year’s test.  Third grade teachers also provided parents with PSSA information and testing tips.  Thank you to our families for attending this informative session and dinner. 

4th Grade PSSA Session  
 4th grade teacher, Ms. Koch, guides parents through most recent PSSA results.
3rd Grade PSSA Session  
 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Riccio, explains PSSA test expectations and tips for PSSA success.
 PSSA Dinner
Gotwals principal, Ms. Fernandez, enjoys dinner with Gotwals families.