Please make sure that you and your students are familiar with the following guidelines: 
  • Under normal circumstances the school bus can come 10 minutes before/after the scheduled time.
    • Students must be at the bus stop 10 minutes before and wait up to 10 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
    • An adult MUST be at the bus stop for Kindergarten students to be let off in the afternoon; and must keep the 10- minute window in mind.
  • Make sure that you and your students know their bus number and bus stop location. 
  • While waiting at the bus stop, students are expected to stand a safe distance from the street and are expected to avoid activities that could injure themselves or others.
  • If it necessary for a student to cross the road to board the bus, the student is expected to observe the driver's instruction and always cross in front of the bus with the aid of the flashing stop sign and cross arm.
  • Students are expected to obey the bus driver, to remain seated on the bus, to keep their hands to themselves, and to keep noise to a minimum.
  • No fighting, smoking or profanity will be tolerated. 
  • The following items are NOT permitted on school buses: Weapons, inflated balloons, food; drink, gum, animals; and musical instruments, sporting equipment or book bags that cannot fit on the students lap or the floor in front of them.
Seat assignments may be necessary to assure passenger safety.